Getting certified

More providers becoming certified means more animals receiving a higher standard of care.

Why Join?

  • We are a trusted brand

    SPCA is the largest and most well-known animal welfare organisation in New Zealand. Our certification informs consumers which businesses are committed to improving welfare standards for animals in their care.

  • Our standards have credibility

    SPCA Certified is an independent initiative focused on animal welfare and as such, our certification is not governed by any industry bodies. This means we have no external pressures when formulating our standards. We act solely in the interest of improving animal welfare, not for any profit incentive.

    SPCA Certified standards are written and reviewed by SPCA's science team, under the guidance of Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Arnja Dale BSc., GDipNFPL, GDipHE, MSc., MSc.(Hons). Dr Dale and her team are continuously looking at improving standards to better animal welfare in NZ and work closely in consultation with farmers, industry bodies and pet care businesses.

  • We are invested together

    SPCA is continually investing in researching and creating our welfare standards, engaging with supermarkets and food services who want to improve animal welfare through their supply chains.

    We know an investment may be needed on your behalf to reach the standard required for certification and that this could necessitate an increase in the price of your products and services.

  • We listen

    We’ll improve animal welfare by working together with like-minded farmers and business owners. Where our research meets your practical experience, we’ll create solutions that mutually benefit everyone.

I’m interested, what happens next?

Firstly - read the Standards that relate to your business or farm

We are focused on animal welfare.

SPCA Certified's sole purpose is to improve animal welfare for New Zealand's animals. Our standards cover the sectors of humane farming and pet care businesses.