Getting certified

More providers becoming certified means more animals receiving a higher standard of care.

SPCA Certified members

SPCA Certified members have almost 13 million animals under their care and include Inghams, Countdown's home brand (Macro), and layer hen farmers; Ewing Poultry, Henergy, Wholesome Eggs and Ultimate Eggs, and pig farmers; Lee Mee Farms and Patoa Farms.

Every one of our members has committed to advancing animal welfare for the animals in their care.

As consumer awareness grows, the SPCA Certified team are hoping more and more farmers will see the benefits of joining the initiative.

I’m interested, what happens next?

Firstly - read the Standards that relate to your business for farm

We are focused on animal welfare.

SPCA Certified's sole purpose is to improve animal welfare for New Zealand's animals. Our standards cover the sectors of humane farming and pet care businesses.