Getting certified

More providers becoming certified means more animals receiving a higher standard of care.

Process to become SPCA Certified

Where SPCA has a Standard in place, any business or farm that has animals under their care can request to be audited for compliance.

  1. Business or farm show interest in getting SPCA Certification via the contact form

  2. SPCA Certified team have a meeting (either over zoom or in person) to assess the values of the potential member and gain a deeper understanding of their business or farm system

  3. SPCA carry out an initial assessment; this highlights any areas that are required to be lifted before a third party audit is undertaken

  4. QCONZ audit the premise and assess whether the farm or business has passed the required standards to become SPCA Certified

  5. Once the farm or business is SPCA Certified the new member can now sell their product or service as ‘SPCA Certified’

  6. Consumers choose to buy SPCA Certified products or services

  7. Other businesses or farmers are encouraged to get SPCA Certified, more animals have good care, and the bar is raised for animal welfare

I’m interested, what happens next?

Firstly - read the Standards that relate to your business for farm

We are focused on animal welfare.

SPCA Certified's sole purpose is to improve animal welfare for New Zealand's animals. Our standards cover the sectors of humane farming and pet care businesses.