Getting certified

More providers becoming certified means more animals receiving a higher standard of care.

What am I paying for?

  • Improved credibility and trust with consumers by association with one of NZ’s most well-known animal welfare brands

  • Peace of mind – you’re doing the right thing
  • Reduced cost and effort to access expertise from a trusted source
  • Expertise is coming from a NGO whose focus is on animal welfare, not commercial gain
  • Raising the bar of animal welfare

  • Increased sales of your product or service
  • Providing an option to consumers who want to buy higher animal welfare products or services

  • Reduced cost and effort to keep informed about the latest in animal welfare science-based research

  • Reduced effort needed for creative design.
  • Marketing campaigns have more impact on consumers as the messaging in market from SPCA Certified and its members is the same.

  • Provide further education to internal stakeholders on animal welfare.
  • Help educate consumers on what good animal welfare outcomes look like.

  • Trust and credibility that your product or service goes beyond what is legally required for animal welfare in NZ.
  • Positive consumer perception of your genuine support to improve animal welfare.

I’m interested, what happens next?

Firstly - read the Standards that relate to your business or farm

We are focused on animal welfare.

SPCA Certified's sole purpose is to improve animal welfare for New Zealand's animals. Our standards cover the sectors of humane farming and pet care businesses.